White and Brown Bird Sculpture

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Delightfully charming, our White and Brown Bird Sculpture showcases skillful artisan craftsmanship with a matte finish and linear texture.

Finishes + Details:

  • White and Brown matte finish.
  • Wood beak.
  • Metal rod stand.
  • Bottom of bird features black velvet.
  • Created with high-quality porcelain ceramic and applied textural matte finishes.
  • Each finished piece is unique and watertight with no water absorption.
  • Makes a great gift for yourself, family or a friend!
  • Perfect for kitchen decor, living room decor, nautical and sea-themed decor, home office decor and more!

8.66" L x 3.74" W x 8.27" H

Made from the kaolinite deposits located in the northern province of Thailand.  Manufacturer supports activities of the Elephant Conservation Center, Blindness school and scholarships for under privileged students in Thailand, along with scholarships for students in their local USA community.

Country of Origin:
Made in Thailand.