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Our Artisan Soap, Body Scrub and Body Butter Collection has arrived!  Shop our handcrafted personal care collection for all natural and all wonderful soaps, body scrubs and body butters!
Handcrafted to feature 15 different scents and made right here in New Jersey, USA, our Artisan Soap Collection is 100% all-natural and made exclusively with a variety of fruit and veggie oils like organic coconut, jojoba, and soy just to name a few.  Other ingredients found in our soaps such as French lavender flowers and buds, oatmeal, and peppermint leaves, also come directly from Mother Nature, bringing you that fresh, wonderful scent from long trusted, natural source.  Scented with the same essential oils that are commonly used in aroma therapy sessions, each essential oil has its own special characteristic and benefit to mood and body.
What we DON'T USE:
-We don't use synthetic or artificial fragrance oils, dyes, or colorants.
-We don't use animal products or fats.
Our soaps are 100% natural, Vegan Soaps, and our Honey Milk with Oatmeal soap is made with ethically-sourced honey.
Shop our Handcrafted, Artisan Soaps now available in fifteen different scents in our personal-sized bars, or in our gift set of 15 mini bars featuring one bar of each of our fifteen scents per gift set.  Looking for a great way to display or gift these luxurious soaps?  Shop our modern and vintage rectangular dishes, selected in a size and style to uniquely complement and display these natural, handcrafted soaps!  Our all natural Sugar Scrubs and Body Butters are also handcrafted right here in New Jersey, USA, and are great gifts for you...or a friend!

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