Kitchen Towel with heart-shaped patterns and the word "Love" at the lower right hand corner of the design.



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On the Design Blog: The 2021 Colors of the Year!

2021 is in full swing, and we are geeking-out over the color forecasts for the year ahead! Perfect for that fresh coat of paint, chair fabric or home accessory, the colors of the year 2021 echo themes of optimism, comfort, relaxation and well-being, while speaking into some of the emotional cravings the past year has brought on.

As we look at some of the color trend palettes for 2021, we can see lots of variety across the color spectrum, however, the themes of optimism, grounding in nature and calmness through color exploration are a common theme through each of these color palettes. Let’s take a closer look at five of the color experts we constantly turn to for color wisdom and inspiration, as well as learn how we can easily incorporate these colors into our own homes!