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Let's Hear it for OPTIMISM

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We hear you, it’s MONDAY. For some, Mondays are a cause of celebration, for others Mondays are accompanied by a feeling of dread or gloominess. Wherever this Monday finds you, we just want to highlight a few practical ways that we can practice optimism in our every-day lives:


Make a quick list of 3 things that have gone well in the past few days AND give yourself credit for the part that you played in those accomplishments.


Picture how you will feel from all the good things that you will have experienced and accomplished by this same time next week.


Gift yourself with constant affirmations that build yourself up like “I am strong”, “I am capable”, and “I can do hard things”. Well, because, YOU CAN!
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We love how the University of Michigan Medical School outlines it:  "Optimism is a hopeful, positive outlook on the future, yourself, and the world around you. It is a key part of resilience, the inner strength that helps you get through tough times." Yes, being OPTIMISTIC at times can be very hard, but we find so much hope in how much an outlook of optimism grows our own resilience and personal coping strategies. As we put optimism into practice, it positively affects our physical and mental health, and it stretches and enlarges our personal capabilities of resilience and our own coping strategies in the process. 

Delays and setbacks often create opportunities that we would normally not be able to plan for ourselves

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As for being OPTIMISTIC and how it relates to interior design, as we look back on past projects we can confidently say that when we look at the positive, we can find it (yes, let’s pull out the magnifying glass if we have to!). Design projects can be very complex, and these days as we globally deal with material and product shortages, longer lead times and labor shortages, it can be easier to give into the frustration that accompanies a challenge. But, we must always remember that delays and setbacks often create opportunities that we would normally not be able to plan for ourselves. Unplanned opportunities like:

  • A delay in a project or product timeline creating space for an impromptu vacation for yourself which you normally wouldn't make time for.
  • A product or material being out of stock actually leading you to discover one that you like so much better.
  • A labor shortage creating and highlighting career opportunities for others as we speak which in turn will create steady streams of income for a family or a community who didn’t have it before.
  • In the process of delays and inconveniences, we learn and gain so much more experience and insight that we can carry with us into our future endeavors—knowledge, experience and insight which makes a way for more creativity to soar!

Got a few more ways to add to help us all be a little more optimistic? Let us know in the comments below! 

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*we are not licensed mental health professionals. If you are emotionally struggling, we encourage you to seek care from a mental health professional, there is absolutely no shame in needing help

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