Fruit Kids Umbrella

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Looking to add some fun and help your little one dance in the rain?  These umbrellas feature a fun and unique fruit themed pattern to help the little ones in your life get excited about rainy days!  Made out of light-weight and durable materials, choose the pattern that best reflect's their fun style.

Finishes + Details:
Color Scheme:  Clear background with shades of green, yellow and red/orange design.  Features a fruit theme.  Red-Orange handle.  The handle and inner framework of the umbrella are made from high quality graphite.  Special guard protects nails and fingers when sliding open and close.  Made from environmentally friendly materials.·

36.81" Diameter x 29.13" High.  (These umbrellas are sized for kids.  Looking for umbrellas sized for adults?  Search our site for our stylish finds!)