Mama Bear Inspirational Leather Bracelet 9 inch

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Inspirational and fashionable, our Mama Bear Inspirational Leather Bracelet is a special gift for a very special lady.

  • This bracelet reads "MAMA BEAR" in capital lettering.
  • Writing has been engraved/burned into leather.
  • Small and delicate writing adds charm to the design.

Finishes + Details: 

  • Leather bracelet.
  • Include a metal chain extender.
  • Metal details are made from brass.

Sizing Information:

  • 9" total bracelet length.


  • Leather is approximately 2mm thick.
  • Bracelet is approximately 1/4-inch wide, with writing burned into the leather's front surface.
  • See sizing information for length specifications.

 Country of Origin:

Bracelets are entirely handmade in the United States of America.  All leather is sourced in the USA.

Care Guidelines:

  • Leather will darken and soften with wear.
  • Writing has been burned into the leather and will not fade away with wear.
  • You can get your bracelet wet, but we don't suggest doing so very often.