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Bananaquit with Flower Puerto Rico Artwork

Bananaquit with Flower Puerto Rico Artwork

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Finishes + Details:
Depicting a lovely scene of a Bananaquit bird and a red Geranium flower, this high quality print comes mounted on a mat and backer. 

Created from an original painting by award-winning, Puerto Rican artist Susana Lopez Castells, these fine prints are made in limited editions, signed by the artist and numbered.  Each print is made in white dull cover paper, mounted on a beige mat, and comes protected with a plastic sleeve.  A biography of the artist is included with each print.

About the Bananaquit:
Bananaquits (Coereba flaveola) are small birds found in a variety of habitats in Puerto Rico, including parks, suburban gardens and forested areas. They have adapted to living around humans and can become quite tame. As they are very fond of sweetness, they are easily lured to backyard garden feeders by offerings of granular sugar and sugar water where they can be observed at leisure. 

Measuring between 10 and 13 cm, the bananaquit can weigh up to 19 grams. Both males and females have dark grey upperparts and black crowns and cheeks. They have a very prominent white eyestripe, with a bright yellow chest, belly and rump.


About the Artist:  Susanna is an award winning, Puerto Rican artist.  With an educational background in Environmental Science and Architecture, Susanna changed careers to become an artist.  She has participated in collective and individual expositions, auctions and competitions, and presented her work in TV shows, adds, and interviews in newspapers and magazines.  Her work can be seen showcased in stores as you walk the shopping district in Old San Juan and in other fine stores throughout Puerto Rico.  "...Art for me is a way of expressing ideas and feelings going on through my life; it helps me conquer and channel them, whether it's fear, love, stress, or any kind of passion; it helps me confront them all in canvas or paper. The Arts let me go free without almost any boundaries, and give me the opportunity to achieve the very beautiful thing that goes on in life, which is the ability to create. Not everyone has this gift, and I think I am very lucky to be able to have a chance at that and convey precious messages in it." - Susanna Lopez Castells

This listing is for artwork only and does not include a frame for mounting.  Made in Puerto Rico.

9" W x 6" H image size, 14" W x 11" H matted.

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