Plot Twist

Plot Twist

Plot Twist

PLOT TWIST |:|  “There are three responses to a piece of design – yes, no, and WOW! Wow is the one to aim for.” -Milton Glaser

The road to a completed project is not always straightforward.  Being a designer comes with lots of responsibilities to both take on and pass along.  There are times when a project is started and everything goes perfectly smooth, there are other times when we are deep on the journey to installation and suddenly:  PLOT TWIST!  There come the changes, challenges and roadblocks we need to deal with.  With time comes experience in dealing with Design PLOT TWISTs, and honestly in our experience, sometimes the PLOT TWISTs are what have made the project much better in the long run.

It's easy to get frustrated when an unplanned PLOT TWIST arrives, but we must be careful to not give in to resolving PLOT TWISTs by taking shortcuts that don't serve the project, or the client, well.  While dealing with PLOT TWISTs can of course be challenging, we must always look around the bend and see how it can positively impact the project in the long run.  Here's a few things to consider while dealing with a PLOT TWIST to ensure you still get your design storybook ending:

  1. PLOT TWISTs don't have to be a bad thing!  Utilize them as an opportunity to look closer and see how the resolution to the PLOT TWIST can further enhance your project.

  2. Don't let PLOT TWISTs get the best of you.  When PLOT TWISTs present themselves, gather your thoughts, draw from your experience and steer yourself to a solution, on your own terms.

  3. Find the time capsule in your PLOT TWIST.  Oftentimes, Design PLOT TWISTS open up a rare window of time in which to evaluate and improve the project.  Find it and make the best use of that time.

  4. Remind yourself that we're not chasing "perfect", we are chasing "perfect for".  The people who will occupy and enjoy the design is the most important part of any project, so we need to design for them and not for the sake of eye candy.  What we are striving for is customization and enhancements that speak to the lives of our clients, and when we do that the design is perfect for them, no matter how many PLOT TWISTs we had to overcome to get there.

  5. Let it be a "Wow" factor.  Let's get real here, people.  The components for a finished design run the gamut.  That "Wow, amazing.  I couldn't have seen it coming!" may sometimes be more like:  "Wow, amazing.  I couldn't have seen it ever!"  If you find yourself in the second "Wow" scenario, allow yourself the grace you need.  Remember, designs are stories in the making and this one will stretch and teach you more than you have learned so far.  Breathe in, take it on with stride, it's going to be great--even if it takes a little time.

    Got a PLOT TWIST in sight?  Remember, through design we can plan for a good ending.


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