Interior Design

Interior spaces create lasting impressions and through our spaces we are able to express corporate and personal identity.  Contact us to tailor your interior to your design needs.

Corporate - PantryWHAT MOVES US
Renovating interior spaces grants us the opportunity to re-envision the function and flow of an interior environment through design. In order to deliver a well-designed built environment, steps must be taken to ensure that the needs of a project are established and designed for. Factors such as sustainability, ergonomics, accessibility and resilience should be accounted for during the design process. It's easy to fall into following trends and doing what's hot at the moment and in today's competitive market, buzz words like sustainability are widely advertised. However, we must dig deeper than the buzz─the use of sustainable materials is not enough to describe a well-designed space, for if a space is not designed to support the functions to be carried out in those spaces then the design itself will not allow the space to thrive, often calling for a premature re-design which will generate a whole new set of materials, furnishings and products with many of the existing items once again being discarded.

We often spend most of a day’s time indoors which can leave us feeling disconnected to the phenomena of the outside world, all too often translating into a disengagement of the natural environment. As you look ahead into the interior design of your spaces, contact us at Modern Ornament to shift the outlook of the approach to transforming a space instead of merely changing it. We will help you make conscious decisions about design while creating an experience in your interior that creates lasting impressions.

Beckman Coulter Inc - Reception Area

Commercial Interior Design
Your office is a visual representation of your business, allowing your corporate identity to be expressed through the design details of our office space.  Let's work together to define your interior design strategy.




Private Residence - BedroomResidential Interior Design
Homes tell the story of the people who live in them and are best when tailored to the individuals who enjoy them first hand.  We can help you customize your home to support your lifestyle.