May Color Trend + How to Incorporate into your Home!

May Color Trend + How to Incorporate into your Home!

Announcing May's color trend:  GREENERY 

After blue, GREEN is the color most associated with the planet, evoking thoughts of nature, freshness, purity and eco-friendly living.  The internationally-recognized Color Marketing Group predicted the color "Greenery" in 2019 as a color for 2021 and today we're finding ourselves enjoying this hue in everything from home decor products, to wallpapers, textiles, and home and commercial interior and exterior design.

"This hue is quickly moving into interior and exterior home, as well as commercial environments, as a hue to represent all things natural and pure. For interiors, expect to find it in textiles, counter surfaces, architectural coatings and home accessories. Tabletop items from dishware to linens will bring the garden front and center, both inspired by and relating with live plants. For exterior home, Greenery will appear in furnishings as well as accent colors in paint, and suggesting aged patina on copper lighting. As a perfect complement to spaces personal and public, from home to office, Greenery will also be a fashion color for the year. Blended with other hues to create a fresh take on Camo, it will also be a bold, natural statement color all on its own. Sportswear, loungewear, and accessories will take advantage of this color of the world. From local color, to internationally recognized color of nature, Greenery will color clothing for all generations and moments." -Color Marketing Group

Looking to incorporate GREEN into your home?  Here are some of our favorite finds to help you incorporate a green hue palette into your home!

Green Bear PillowGreen Ceramic FlowerDinosaur Duvet Cover SetRectangular Glass VasesFaceted Clear Glass VasesGreen Flower Biodegradable DishclothsBotanical Jigsaw Puzzle


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