Welcome to the Splash Zone

Welcome to the Splash Zone


The BACKSPLASH  is such a great component of a kitchen because not only does it have a specific function (like adding an extra wear layer to your walls), it also allows lots of room for personalization and self-expression.

When tackling your next backsplash project, here are a few things to consider:

1. Am I really happy with the color of my walls?
Deciding on a color for your backsplash will make you analyze your current color scheme.  Take a walk around the room, see if the color that you have is what you want it to be.  Before you put something that feels a little more permanent on the walls, make sure that you are adding to something you already like instead of settling for something just to get it done.

2. Do I want to tie in the backsplash with the countertop, or do I want to make it into a statement piece and let it stand out on its own? 
While at first thought it may seem that a backsplash won't make a big difference in a room, remember that the backsplash doesn't have to carry the wow factor alone.  Backsplashes are there to work with your countertops, your cabinets, your interior finishes and the rest of your décor.  When trying to choose between subtle and bold consider what feels natural to you, what kind of look showcases your personality and makes you feel at home.  Stay away from pieces that feel forced, instead incorporate into your home pieces that allow you to feel you, in your already amazing interior environment.

3. What kinds of patterns and shapes do I like?
Geometric, linear, botanical, stacked, irregular oh my!  When trend-reaching, there can be a big gap between what looks good and what expresses the real you. Be inspired by the trends that everyone is talking about, but never shy away to making them your own.  Your house will feel more like your home when it begins to reflect you.

4. How often do I like to change my décor?
Do you color your walls according to the seasons or do you recolor every year, every other year or longer?  Knowing a little more about the flexibility that you need from your décor will help you make choices that will go with the changes and allow you to switch things up as often as you like while minimizing the amount of tasks required to get your space ready each time.

Though it may seem like too many questions, remember that change has lasting impact.  Here's a few notes on some of the big factors:

I you like to change your decor a lot and change color preferences often, consider going for a neutral color on the backsplash to allow you the flexibility to change up your walls from yellow to blue to purple or any color you can dream of! You can have flexibility even if you decide on a bold color for your backsplash, but the color options may be a bit more limited when tying them into you existing collection.

Going with full, larger sized pieces like those from natural stone and solid surfaces will allow for a subtle, elegant, timeless, sophisticated, and minimal looks depending on the product.  Smaller, patterned tile products can add more visual interest, and when coupled with good lighting can really jazz up your cabinet area. Which brings me to my next point:  Lighting.

Select a fixture that compliments your backsplash material, for example, if you have a reflective/shiny/high gloss backsplash, pay close attention to your under cabinet lighting selection.  To accommodate for highly reflective finishes, consider using light sources that are frosted or shielded so that you minimize the lighting source reflection on your backsplash, in other words, so that you can see the backsplash material clearly instead of the lighting fixture’s actual reflection on the wall overtaking the view. Consider this especially when using things like LED lighting which is comprised of lots of “dots”. If you are spending the effort on the backsplash, make it stand out by shedding some light on it.

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