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RISING is such a powerful word, it can apply to a brand new beginning, a second or last chance attempt or habitually a constant way of how we go about life.

We were recently inspired by Andrew Thomas' article via Inc Magazine that spoke about considering how we feel throughout the week and how we want to feel throughout the week and the concept of combining headspace and the feeling body. The article spoke of having intuition and guidance of emotions, creativity and execution of the mind. So good, right?!?  It's been resonating with us so much that we've decided to bring that process into our weekly planning, and so are happy to announce that RISING is our first word of the week.  To make it official, we're calling it our #goalsandtones which we will feature at the start(-ish) of each week.
We loved the article so much that we are sharing a few other tips and gold nuggets that we picked up from the article:
  • Set the tone before the week starts.
  • Write out the goals for the week to have a clear sense of what YOU want to create and accomplish.
  • Consider how you want to feel that week.  How do YOU FEEL throughout the week and how do you WANT TO FEEL may look different now, setting the tone for the week will help you reconcile both and combine the head space and the feeling body.
  • We need to have intuition and guidance of emotions.
  • Let's take inventory of your life.  Are we making time for the things, people, experiences that make us happy?  Are we setting intentions in our personal life and investing energy into realizing them?  Our work is not our life.
RISING will be guiding our goals and setting our tone this week, how about you? Share some of your goals and the tone you set for yourself for this week so we can cheer you on!
Check out the full article via Inc Magazine here:  "5 Things Successful People Do Every Sunday."

And may we say THANK YOU, Mr. Andrew Thomas, wherever you are for inspiring us so!  :) 

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