Modern Ornament Talks Color Trends for October 2021

October's Color Trend + How to Incorporate into your Home!

Home interior featuring a close up of a full height window glass view to the patio. A bicycle is parked inside the room and has a beige throw folder over the rear tire. Home interior and exterior features a soft and soothing beige color palette.

Evoking comfort, strength and power, beige surrounds us in everyday objects as well as creates a connection between us and the natural environment. Ushering-in comfort along with warmth, beige is a foundational color with the ability to soothe and transform while bringing balance and hinting at sustainability.

For October 2021, the internationally-recognized Color Marketing Group has selected "The Paper Bag", a camel beige color, as the color for the season. While so often the response to beige is met with thoughts of a color that's expected, as we looked through inspiration images we realized that beige it IS you that comforts us all year long! From the beige of sand in our toes at the beach to the bedrock underfoot, to thoughts of cozying up by the fire with a soft blanket on a cold day and friendly teddy bears that make us smile, beige is found all around us in natural and built environments alike!

"Long a staple hue in discussions of recycling and sustainability, The Paper Bag has expanded its initial designations of simple and easy to include power and warmth. With its red nuance it certainly has a warm aura, but the added definitions add a quiet power and grand design possibilities.
From somewhat humble beginnings as a sturdy commodity to carry groceries or a school lunch, The Paper Bag’s beige color is also a color of building materials from sand to stone. It has come to also represent the bedrock color of the built environment. It connotes inner strength and power. This hue is something upon which to build, it can support things, and it endures." notes The Color Marketing Group.
Looking to get started on creating a beige color palette for your home?  Here's some pin-able inspiration (and dreamy!) photos to get you started:
Photo of beige building facade     Close-up of a cardboard box with graphic symbols showcasing its sustainability attributes.     Close-up photo of espresso drink, book and blanket     Close-up photo of beige floral with beige wall
Coziness and comfort are standout feelings when we think of The Paper Bag beige color trend. From feelings of "warm belly" from creamy soups, espresso and cappuccino drinks to fluffy alpacas and the rich golden colors of wheat fields brought more alive by the sunset, beige is in no way boring but a supportive and foundational color that's both embracing and inspiring in every season.
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