MantraMANTRA |:| "If you try to do your best there is no failure" -Mike Farrell

While in design school, one of my teachers encouraged us to write things down, especially the things we needed to work on and worried we would forget. She said the more we write down on paper, the more "room" we have in our brains for greater and more creative things. Over time I have grown to love making lists. They've helped me stay focused, let go of the worry and pressure that comes with making sure I don't forget something, and have given me a confidence boost every time I get to cross an item of my list (it's so empowering!). For the last few months, at the top of my weekly list I've started writing a personal MANTRA: "Where I Am vs. Where I Want to Be." It's become such a part of my life that it's a MANTRA that encourages me on days that I feel farthest from where I want to be and congratulates me on days where I feel inching closer to it. While the "where" in that MANTRA can change after careful thought or on a whim, "Where I Am vs. Where I Want to Be" is a personal MANTRA, my warrior's cry and my salute to myself...and my dreams.

We’re joining the @hopewriters#HopewriterLife 12-day challenge! We invite you to join in along on the fun, let us know if you’re participating so we can cheer you on! #letsdothis#gottastartsomewhere#howaboutnow

Modern Ornament at The Shoppes at 615 Mall
615 S Livingston Ave
Livingston, NJ 07039
(973) 436-0791

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Photo by:  Matthew Henry

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