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July's Color Trend + How to Incorporate into your Home!

Over the last 18 months, the need for nature and the usefulness of technology have become more apparent. Expressing modernity and simplicity, blue brings a freshness and familiarity that’s aspirational and embracing, bridging together the digital and the natural, while making room for personal expression.

For July 2021, the internationally-recognized The Color Marketing Group has selected Digital ID, a light blue, as the color for the season. This month's color trend has us thinking of clear skies and open spaces, as well as the glows from ever-changing technologies.

"Technology has proven its place during the last 18 months, as well as the need for nature, and this blue color literally and symbolically clears the air with a new age of fresh ideas, goals, and health. Digital ID moves easily from modernity to simplicity, as it establishes itself as a symbol for technology’s buzz as well as nature’s freshness."

Perfect for accent colors on everything from walls to decorative pillows and vases, this Digital ID light blue shade is perfect for those places that need a relaxation vibe. We see this color easily fitting right into a home's color palette and are already daydreaming of glass backsplashes on kitchen walls as well as accent furniture on patio areas featuring this color. Naturally loaning itself to beach and water themed decor, this color doesn't have to be reserved just for seaside retreats or beachside escapes and can effortlessly help create a soothing and blissful ambiance in just about any room in a home.

As we look at how this color will make a splash beyond the home we can see it being infused into hospitality, contract and commercial interior design as well. As local, regional and global mandates take steps to open up places of gatherings again, take note of how this light blue color will continue to inspire the design of spaces. "Interestingly, as workers move back into their offices, Digital ID will become a bridge color from home to workspace, providing a consistent flow between the two" notes The Color Marketing Group.

Ready to infuse light blue into your home? Here are some of our favorite finds to help you incorporate July's blue color trend into your home and lifestyle!

 Modern Ornament's Sky Blue Accent TableModern Ornament Blue Accent Pillow Modern Ornament's La Muralla Roja with Blue Sky Jigsaw Puzzle Modern Ornament's Blue and White Radial Rectangular Plate Modern Ornament's Blue Teapot  Modern Ornament's Light Blue Artwork

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