February 2022 Color Trends + How to Incorporate them into your Home!

February 2022 Color Trends + How to Incorporate them into your Home!

My, my, my! February is here and we're back to talk color trends! Our color crush this month has us buzzing with energy, and it's such a cheerful looking color that honestly, it's inspiring joy just by looking at it!

So without further ado, announcing our February Color Crush:

Peachy Orange

Modern Ornament's February 2022 Color Crush Peachy Orange Color Trend


Modern Ornament's February 2022 Color Crush: Peachy Orange

Echoing whimsical comfort, peachy orange is a color of connection to movement in everyday life. Buzzing with energy and vibrancy, peachy orange offers warmth and comfort all while uplifting, adding freshness and inspiring action. A powerful and eye-catching color, it inspires motion and gives a voice to creative expression.

For February 2022, the internationally-recognized Color Marketing Group (CMG) has selected "Re-Source" and "Dream Orange", as their color alert for the month and we are feeling all the happy, peachy feels as we look around and find this color brightening-up all kinds of places.

"With the unique qualities of orange (“nothing rhymes with orange”), come myriad ways to make the color an outstanding element in design. Appearing in varied applications from automotive exteriors to commercial interiors, residential home and décor to recreation and sports vehicles, Re-Source and Dream Orange come alive as brilliant, uncommon elements in uncommon times. In addition, consumer goods, fashion & accessories, and visual communications will take advantage of the power of these oranges to add freshness and vibrancy to their product lines" notes The Color Marketing Group.

So how can we expect to see these colors translate into interior design? "The world of interiors, both residential and commercial, see these colors as whimsical comfort. During difficult times, comfort is key, and so is joy, so these colors that offer warmth and a smile will be found in architectural coatings for surfaces, textiles for furniture, cabinetry, and consumer goods such as small appliances. They can be accent colors as well as colors in full-on glory that lift the spirit and let everyone know that the space is alive and kicking" adds The Color Marketing Group.

 Whether you are getting ready to tackle your next home or office project, PEACHY ORANGE is definitely a color to notice and be inspired by. From accent walls, to countertop appliances, home accent textiles, stationery and everything in between, PEACHY ORANGE is a color statement worth a thousand words!

Ready to incorporate a PEACHY ORANGE color palette into your home? Check out some of our favorite picks below, and click on the image to go to our PEACHY ORANGE February Color Crush product collection page!

 Modern Ornament's Peachy Orange February 2022 Color Trend Product Collage Mood Board

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Modern Ornament's February 2022 Color Crush Peachy Orange
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