Modern Ornament Cheerful


Modern Ornament Cheerful
CHEERFUL is an amazing word because its outworking can have a positive impact on others.  To be CHEERFUL is to be “noticeably happy and optimistic”, which reminds us that we can not just feel CHEERFUL, we can also look CHEERFUL.
CHEERFUL can also mean “causing happiness by its nature or appearance”, and in the interior design realm that means it gives us an opportunity to have CHEERFUL rooms by design, which puts a fun spin on design decisions and material selections.  Living in the Northeastern part of the United States, one can see many overcast days in the winter, which is why integrating a little CHEERFULness into your interiors will go a long way.
Looking for some ideas to add a little CHEERFULness to your rooms?  Try these design tips:
Examine your room and pick out an accent wall.  Use your accent wall as an area of focus for your room and use it to showcase some of your favorite artwork.
Interior Paint
Paint your accent wall with one of your favorite colors to help you personalize your color schemes.  There’s nothing like coming home to a space that makes you feel at home.
Indoor Plant
Add a few indoor plants to your rooms.  Indoor plants don’t have to be very high-maintenance, choose an easy to maintain plant like an aloe plant or a cactus to help you bring nature indoors while keeping maintenance to a minimum, which is an added benefit of succulent plants.
Add a touch of whimsy.  Fun objects can add some CHEERFULness to your interiors and can be conversation pieces that lead to discovery of mutual interests between you and your guests.  From whimsical statements on drinkware, to fun shapes in decorative objects and tabletop items, there is always a little room for the charm brought on by whimsical pieces.
Follow our Modern Ornament #playlist on @Spotify for a few tunes that help our creativity flow. Got a few suggestions to our list? Let us know below
CHEERFUL will been guiding our goals + setting our tone this week, how about you? Leave a note below with some of your goals + the tone you set for yourself for this week so we can cheer you on! #goalsandtones
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