Atmosphere and Event Lighting

Atmosphere and Event Lighting

Designing lighting for an interior or a stage gives us the opportunity to set an atmosphere through design. It affords us the unique opportunity to set a mood, while crafting an environment whose story is told through light. Using color to set the mood and create a welcoming atmosphere, lighting can express and support all functions happening on a stage and in the house.

People can feel at home and identify themselves with a space in which they feel good in. When we remember experiences we can recall them along with the space and the atmosphere in which they happened. The mood set through lighting is a common thread that cues visitors to feel at home no matter the size or location of the venue as it becomes a theme and an identifying trait of the event that will unfold.

Lighting cues people not just to identify themselves with a space but also to activities during the event. By changing color schemes, increasing or decreasing intensity, or adding pattern and movement to the lighting scheme, lighting becomes a partner to support everyone in the room, from backstage, mainstage or house and front of house areas.

Here's a look at some before and afters of how we've set the stage through lighting:

The Loft Montclair NJ_2017 Before

The Loft Montclair NJ_2017 After


Old Mogul Theater NJ_2017 Before     Old Mogul Theater NJ_2017 After

Living Word Church NJ_2017 Before

Living Word Church NJ_After 2017

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