Modern Ornament AMAZED


Modern Ornament AMAZED
With so many distractions it's often hard to stay focused on something, and even when we do, holding on to that focus can require extra effort.  Tiny little sounds these days usually stand for something--new emails, listings, products, text messages and phone messages all have alerts that prompt us to move on to the next thing, no matter how involved (or behind) we may be in the current thing.
Last week I found myself sitting at a small business establishment while waiting for a service that I was dreading to have to get.  Lots of "things"were asking for attention and while the live TV in the waiting room was enticing for someone like me who's switched over to TV on demand, I glanced at my phone where text messages had piled up to over a couple dozen, real estate alerts had turned into a steady stream, e-mails remained unanswered, phone messages unheard and unknown numbers called back-to-back.  For a moment it was easy to get lost in the to-do's and not be present in the moment, but as I sat in the waiting area something captured my attention and made me look up and look around.  It was the sound of small business employees taking on their day.
It's interesting how what some may write off as the "everyday" can have such a significant impact and be transformed into a good experience for others.  For me, it was truly AMAZING to be able to be in an environment where people worked together in unison, where I could feel at ease, where others were working on my behalf and treating me with respect so I wouldn't have to feel the burden of the reason why I had to be there in the first place.  It was AMAZING to have someone provide a service where I didn't feel shortchanged and where they went the extra mile to ensure I was comfortable.  That inspired me to believe in the power of small businesses, and stay committed to being a resource to our customers.
What AMAZES us can look different each and everyday, but I love how a constant driver to feeling AMAZED is people.  People can bring the very best to any situation.  Connecting with people can inspire creativity in ways we just can't anticipate.  People can AMAZE you through the kindness they share and the expertise they bring to the table, making unfamiliar territory be easier to navigate.  So here's to the people running, staring and pushing forward small businesses everywhere and to the AMAZING ways their doing so inspires the rest of us to dream, believe and keep moving forward.
 “A small business is an amazing way to serve and leave an impact on the world you live in.” -Nicole Snow
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