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Let the Curiosity be Free

To be honest, we haven’t done our #goalsandtones in a long time, but the truth is, it’s a practice that we really enjoy! Back in June of 2018, an article via Inc Magazine by Andrew Thomas inspired us as it spoke about considering how we feel throughout the week and how we actually want to feel throughout the week, prompting us to combine headspace and the feeling body. To have intuition and guidance of emotions, creativity and execution of the mind. This article stopped us on our tracks, and as a creative business, it initiated a practice of picking a word for how we want to feel in a given week. With all that’s changed—and then changed again and again in the last year—we’ve been craving for practices that are familiar and that create for us a specific road to focus. With that in mind, our #goalsandtones is back this week and we’re starting with: CURIOUS

This week, we’re part of the fans gushing over all the posts coming from @highpointmarket, and well, we intentionally make space to set a tone of curiosity with a goal of allowing our curiosity to be free and inspire our creativity. Innovation in our world of design will happen whether we contribute to it or not, but when innovation knocks on our door, we want to be found willing…and CURIOUS!

Next week we will feature a new #goalsandtones at the start of the week. CURIOUS will be guiding our goals and setting our tone this week, how about you? Share some of your goals and the tone you set for yourself for this week so we can cheer you on!

Check out the full article via Inc Magazine here:  "5 Things Successful People Do Every Sunday" and our first blog post on goals and tones.  May we once again say THANK YOU, Mr. Andrew Thomas, wherever you are for inspiring us so!  :)
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