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2022 is here and we are happily looking around and soaking in all the inspiration from the color and trend forecasts related to all things interior design! Last year, as we compiled the color trends for 2021, we couldn't help but think about how different everyone's color of the year selection was. This year, as we gathered the color of the year from these same sources, we quickly noticed that the color selections seemed to fall into two different color families: periwinkle and grey-green.

Let’s take a closer look at the colors of the year by six of the color experts we constantly turn to for color wisdom and inspiration, as well as learn how we can easily incorporate these colors into our own homes!

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With a calming and peaceful demeanor, warm white offers a subtle hint of color that awakens a feeling of tranquility and harmony. Read on for more on December 2021's Warm White color alert from The Color Marketing group and how to incorporate it into your home and lifestyle!

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Ever notice how sometimes it’s so much easier (and seemingly effortless!) to feel gloomy, uninspired or unmotivated? Though at times feeling cheerful, inspired and motivated can require extra effort, going the extra mile to tap into those areas of ourselves are well worth the effort as they help our creativity not just get going, but stay afloat, be more resilient and keep growing out of our comfort zone. 

In terms of interior design, when we hear the word FESTIVE, we often equate it with big Holidays like Christmas, Hanukkah or New Year, however, there’s always a reason to celebrate! Read on as we break-down how to create a FESTIVE vibe in your home year-round, and for quick and easy guides for selecting the best fragrances, colors and fabrics for each season in your home!

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There's a certain charm in just saying the word DELIGHTED. Bringing to mind memories of great times gone by, DELIGHTED for us evokes feelings of calm and bliss. This week, we want to allow ourselves to feel DELIGHTED as we look towards planning for seasons ahead, creating unique spaces and showcasing some of the products we love. Looking to feel a little more DELIGHTED in your own home? Read on for a few ways to bring a little delightment into your interiors!

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We hear you, it’s MONDAY. For some, Mondays are a cause of celebration, for others Mondays are accompanied by a feeling of dread or gloominess. Wherever this Monday finds you, read on as we highlight a few practical ways that we can practice optimism in our every-day lives while building our own selves up.

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