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Ever notice how sometimes it’s so much easier (and seemingly effortless!) to feel gloomy, uninspired or unmotivated? Though at times feeling cheerful, inspired and motivated can require extra effort, going the extra mile to tap into those areas of ourselves are well worth the effort as they help our creativity not just get going, but stay afloat, be more resilient and keep growing out of our comfort zone. 

In terms of interior design, when we hear the word FESTIVE, we often equate it with big Holidays like Christmas, Hanukkah or New Year, however, there’s always a reason to celebrate! Read on as we break-down how to create a FESTIVE vibe in your home year-round, and for quick and easy guides for selecting the best fragrances, colors and fabrics for each season in your home!

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When purchasing new items for our homes, there are many questions that we should think about to help us make a decision on whether or not it's the right fit for our rooms. Is it stylish? Does it pair nicely with our things? Will we get tired of looking at it? While these are all great questions, ask yourself...does it make YOU feel at HOME?”.  As we set out to bring new additions to our homes, read on for a few tips on things to consider while in the process of knowing if a product is a good fit for your home.

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Though exciting at first, the process of home renovations can start to take a toll on us homeowners who are eager to finish a long-awaited project.  For my own experience in the DIY world, over the years my husband and I have worked on lots of parts of our house together.  From upgrades in the bathroom and kitchen areas, to refinishing materials all throughout the interior and exterior of the house, virtually every area in our home has been reworked in some way. Our renovations have not been invasive, they have mostly consisted of cosmetic changes and replacement of fixtures,...

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By looking at past design styles, we find connections to our current styles and trends along with wide-reaching influences into our own ideals of space and ways of expressing design and showcasing materials.  With traditional design having once been the norm, once the introduction of modern design in the mid 1800’s started, it attracted fans and recruited architects world-wide and brought concepts to life through the construction of modern buildings and interiors.  By now you are most likely thinking, the mid 1800’s?  Surely, isn’t modern design a more present-day style?  Let’s go with yes for the answer to both questions—for...

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